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Learn more about our community outreach and school education programs. Are you an educator in Kenya? Use the Contact form on the website to get in touch about a school visit or teacher materials!


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ACK provides a variety of opportunities for schools to learn more about cheetahs and our mission. 

  • Video Documentary and Discussion: Our outreach department uses several commercially available videos to highlight the value of cheetahs and other predators at local schools in our study areas. A lesson plan that accompanies the video is followed by a focused discussion that involves critical thinking about the future of cheetahs in East Africa. The discussion can be tailored to the education level or lifestyle of the audience.

Use the Contact Form on this website to get in touch about a school visit or teacher materials. 



ACK engages local communities in a variety of ways including: 

  • Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Toolbox: a tool to help provide solutions to losses of domestic stock to wildlife. 

  • Disease Awareness: ACK and our partners have developed a series of informational packets on rabies and other domestic animal diseases that impact the lives and livelihoods of people in the Samburu and surrounding communities.

  • Takataka Project: a way of addressing solid waste management in rural communities. 

  • Champions for Cheetahs: football tournament held to celebrate International Cheetah Day. 

Use the Contact Form on this website or click below to learn more about these projects. 

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Nearly 2000 people die annually in Kenya due to rabies. The Government of Kenya declared a development goal of rabies eradication by 2030 through mass vaccination campaigns. The Samburu region, however, was not one of the pilot areas for the launch of the vaccination campaign, thus, it could be several years before it would reach the area. The ACK team organized professional veterinary consultants, government representatives, and conservancy managers who agreed that a campaign in this area would complement the government goals. Ginger's Hope is the resulting campaign to help alleviate the threat of rabies and distemper in domestic animals in Samburu County.

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ACK's roots in both Kenya and the USA has lead to some unique opportunities and activities for outreach.

  • Annual Adventure Safari that involves the travelers with in situ conservation and research.

  • US Tour by our Director Mary Wykstra and other staff members to update long-term supporters and educate the public.

  • A class exchange program between Kalamazoo Christian High School and other schools in our study area. 

Learn more about how to get involved by clicking below.

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