Monitoring Urbanization Impacts on Cheetah and Other Wildlife



Senior Field Officer

Jimmy, known in his community as ‘The Cheetah Man’, has been a Field Officer in charge of the Kiu Block in Salama since 2008, the longest-serving field employee of ACK. He has represented ACK at many community seminars and training workshops to share his passion and expertise in community based conservation and predator management.

He attended a local school in his hometown of Mukaa, Kamuthini Primary School, then proceeded to Machakos High School. Jimmy holds a Diploma in Small Mammal Ecology from the University of Nairobi (Chiromo Campus). After completing his diploma he was employed by a researcher to help in researching on small mammal ecology on spring hares and giant rats for 2 years.

As a field officer, Jimmy collects data on prey and predators through regular patrols and weekly transects, assists in conflict mitigation, highway mortality, vegetation surveys and participates in boma monitoring exercises for the Deterrent lights project. His area of cover has included portions of Kiu, Malili, Aimi ma Kilungu, and Stanley Ranch.



Field Officer

Stephen has been an ACK Field Officer in the Aimi area of the Salama study site since June 2018.

e is a resident of the Aimi area, and studied in the Mukaa Sub location at Nguluni Primary School and Mulumini High School. In the past, he has worked for the Kenya Wildlife Service as an Officer at Tsavo West National Park. His work entailed attending to aircraft and monitoring black rhino movements.

At ACK, his main roles are interacting with community members on predator education and building better boma, advising on proper waste management, routine patrols, boma monitoring for the Deterrent Lights project, mitigating conflicts, and walking transects.



Field Officer

Kelvin has worked as an ACK Field Officer since June 2018 in the Malili area in our Salama Field Study site where he was born and raised. In 2019 Kelvin was promoted to lead the ACK Sports and Solid waste Management activities in the Salama Field Study site. He visited Tanzania for the first time representing ACK during the Conservation Conflict Transformation Peace Workshop in September 2019.

He attended Jobenpha Community School for his Primary School Education and St. Augustine Mulumini for his Secondary Education. He is a certified Graphics Designer from Upeo College in Nairobi.

Kelvin’s duties as a field officer include patrols, transects, vegetation surveys, organizing and participating in ACK projects and activities, boma monitoring activities, and organizing football tournaments to help celebrate International Cheetah Day with his community.