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Become an Expert at Identifying Our Wildlife

Calendar 2023

Which track belongs to which animal?

2023 ACK Wildlife Calendar - Answers Left to Right: Spotted Hyena, Leopard, Silver-Backed Jackal, Domestic Dog, Cheetah
Silver-Backed Jackal Track - The track is small, the lower pad is flat meaning it is a canine and the claws do not retrack - leaving marks.
Spotted Hyena Track - The outer toes look like bananas and their claws don't retract - leaving marks!
Domestic Dog Track - A large print shows a flat bottom pad and claws that do not retrack - leaving marks.
Leopard Track - The bottom of the pad looks like a '3' or 'W' and the claws retract - leaving no marks.
Cheetah Track - The signature cheetah paw shows both the '3' or 'w' pad and non-retractable claws - leaving marks!
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