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Carnivores, Livelihoods and Landscapes

CaLL (CARNIVORES, LIVELIHOODS AND LANDSCAPES ) is a registered Kenya organization that links carnivore researchers and encourages joint efforts in carnivore conservation throughout Kenya.

CaLL is guided by a board of directors to assist its projects to function within the legal framework in Kenya and produce results in carnivore conservation in affiliation with the Kenya Wildlife Service. CaLL assists in setting up systems that employ staff within the guidelines of the Kenya Revenue Authority, and assure that affiliated projects meet Kenya regulated employment regulations.

Human activities cause declines in carnivore population numbers and have reduced their geographic ranges throughout the world. Even where carnivores are not directly persecuted, they are often vulnerable to incidental decline due to their large ranges, high energy requirements, and small population sizes. Human pressures on predator populations in Kenya reflect the problems facing predators throughout their range. CaLL stresses the focus of carnivore co-existence with people in a sustainable environment for the future of carnivore conservation in Kenya.

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