Scat Dogs Saving Cheetahs!

Action for Cheetahs in Kenya detection dog team is focused on finding cheetah scat (poop). We actively search for cheetah scat so it can be collected and analyzed for genetics, prey selection, and health. It's a great non-invasive way to study cheetahs. 



Dog Handler

Paul Makibia joined the Scat Dog Detection Program in August 2020. Before joining ACK, he worked for KK Security in Kenya as an EDD (Explosives Detection Dog) handler. He has also worked at NightWalk Productions, a small production company in Long Beach, California. 

Paul holds a diploma in Sound and Music Technology from Zetech College in Kenya. He also has a Level 4 EDD Certification from Malpeet K9 Academy. He earned a Certificate of Recognition from GardaWorld for demonstrating trust and outstanding professionalism while performing his duties as an EDD handler at the Australian High Commission in Nairobi during the Dusit Hotel terror attack in January 2019. Paul is a back-up to the lead handler, able to take on any searches and training. While at ACK, Paul has learned a lot about canine behavior that compliments past training and experience.



Assistant Dog Handler

Lulu (Audrey) accepted a full time position as a dog handler in August 2020. Audrey began working at Action for Cheetahs in Kenya in July 2019 as a Social Media intern. Due to her interest in dogs, she transitioned to working as a Detection Dog intern in April of 2020. She was involved in developing the ACK Social Media strategy as well as monitoring and developing content for our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) prior to her joining the dog team.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Media Technology with Information Technology (IT) from Maseno University with a major in Public Relations (PR). She attended Lukenya Academy for her primary school education and Precious Blood Secondary School- Riruta for her high school education.



K9 Detector

Madi is a mix-breed dog with Rottweiler and Border Collie parentage. His name is a shortened version of ‘Madoadoa’ since, as a puppy, he had an array of spots across his chest.

His high energy and enthusiasm to work have been major factors that have moved ACK’s research forward. The pioneer dog for the ACK Scat Detection Team Madi has already found scat in a wide variety of terrains throughout the country.

Madi was donated to ACK by Paula Kahumbu.



K9 Detection Intern

Artemis, or Arti, is a Belgian Malinois that joined the Action for Cheetahs in Kenya team in June 2019 when she was only 3 months old along with her sister Persephone.

Arti is relatively calm and methodical in her search style compared to her sister. Her intelligence, tremendous ball drive, and eagerness to investigate new scents make her an excellent addition to the ACK detection dog team.

Artemis was donated to ACK by Ultimate K9 Solutions founder George Karavis.



K9 Detection Intern

Persephone, or Persi, is a Belgian Malinois that joined the ACK team in June of 2019 when she was 3 months old along with her sister Artemis.

Persi's high energy and love of play and obstacles make her a great working dog, while her instinct to sniff out potent scats makes her an excellent addition to the detection dog team.

 Persephone was donated to ACK by Ultimate K9 Solutions founder George Karavis.