ACK Response to COVID-19

apr 1, 2020

So many thoughts and emotions have passed through all of our minds as we brace for the unknown
elements of COVID-19. Our work is driven by a passion for our planet and all living things. As we all face
the global pandemic, ACK will do our best to ensure the health and safety of our employees, and our
community. We took early action with our field team by limiting their movements to critical activities as
soon as the first report of the virus came in Kenya. We continue to monitor the evolving situation at
local and global levels, and we are taking all possible measures to ensure everyone’s safety and well-

In the past few years, our team has been working on increasing our technical capacity with the aim of
achieving paperless data collection and more streamlined communication. Although our varied
education and literacy levels have made that a challenge at times, we are so happy now that we worked
so hard in this effort to be digitally connected. We are utilizing our newly acquired platforms to remain
connected virtually to each other and on our social media platforms. In the near future we aim to
digitally connect you with our team members and have a glimpse of how their lives are being adjusted
to working under new guidelines.

Our Canine team, outreach team and the majority of our research team are working from home. With
this break from fieldwork we are catching up with various writing projects and reflecting on the ways we
can increase the impact of our programs.

Everyone is vulnerable to the virus. In our remote communities running water and soap are not readily
available. Rural Kenyan communities have lived for centuries in close communal and supportive
networks - social distancing is almost impossible. We are educating our employees about the virus and
encouraging them to follow guidelines established by the World Health Organisation (WHO)and the Kenyan Government. We have instituted protocols aimed at safeguarding the well-being of our entire staff that includes reinforced hygienic practices, engaging in social distancing, no access to ACK facilities by outside visitors, and clear quarantine or self-isolation procedures for team members that do need to move in or out of our facilities. Most importantly we encourage our staff to share this information with their local communities.

As a team we are determined to keep supporting the people and the cheetahs that we share this land
with. We have postponed any community meetings and workshops, and we will complete our domestic
animal vaccination campaign when we can assure that we will not bring this new disease into our
remote communities.
Although our field officers have stopped conducting patrols, transects and monitoring of the predator
deterrent homesteads, they are in touch with their community and community leaders and are prepared
to intervene when required. For those remaining at field facilities, we have ensured there are adequate
enough supplies, including food rations and hygiene products. We are also looking to partner with local
efforts in our areas of operation that are helping health clinics with supplies.

Finally, we are continually evaluating our current response based on changing circumstances and
government directives. We are very aware that the economic impact of this pandemic will affect our fundraising efforts and are currently working on how to soften that impact and ensure that ACK continues to operate and safeguard the communities of people and the future for cheetahs. Thank
you for your support that has enabled us to grow our team and our programs in the past years. There are challenging times ahead and we appreciate your continued support. 

The Action for Cheetahs Team

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