Lumumba Mutiso

Salama Community Liason Officer

As the Community Liaison Officer, Lumumba Mutiso is the eyes and ears of Action For Cheetahs since 2004. In 2003, when his live­stock were attacked by chee­tahs in the Salama area, he took an inter­est in want­ing to know more about the preda­tors after meet­ing the Action For Cheetahs staff. He assists with research activ­i­ties such as radio track­ing, game counts, immo­bi­liza­tions, and necropsy. However, his focus of work is in col­lec­tion of infor­ma­tion on chee­tah sight­ings, live­stock losses and main­tain­ing rela­tions with live­stock managers. He inter­views the farm­ers with courage even if some of them occa­sion­ally are angry with the chee­tahs over the loss of their live­stock and at times threaten them with pan­gas (machete). In 2007 Lumumba attended the inte­grated Wildlife and Livestock Management Training and Cheetah Biology work­shops at CCF in Namibia to improve his skills in con­flict mitigation.

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