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Jimmy Muli

Community Field Officer

Began work­ing with Action For Cheetahs in Kenya as a chee­tah scout in 2009. Jimmy had prior research expe­ri­ence work­ing with stu­dents from the University of Nairobi study­ing spring­hare in the 1980’s. Lives on his farm in the Kiu area of the Salama study site and cov­ers a por­tion of Kiu, Aimi and Malili regions.

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ACK needs your help to support our scouts and the community so we can accomplish our goal of conservation of the cheetahs in Kenya. You can also purchase COOL Crafts online now.

With your help we can continue our research and conversation activities.

  • Student/Teacher Activity Book - $10 each
  • Plant 10 Trees - $20 
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  • Field gear for Scouts - $50 
  • Sponsor Detection Dog - $100/month 
  • Sponsor Field Officer/month - $200/month
  • Field Monitoring Equipment - $500

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