Wildlife Patrols

apr 13, 2018

Our field officers patrol independent zones with regularity. They record the distribution of predators, prey and significant species. In both the Salama and Samburu regions gazelle, zebra and antelope are regular occurrences with the most common being grants gazelle and dikdik in both areas. These gazelle are the perfect weight for the cheetah although the prey diversity is very important for cheetah diet. In 2016, Noreen Mutoro completed and defended her thesis which showed that cheetahs in the Salama area consumed 21 different prey ranging from hare to zebra. Elephants rarely come into the Salama region, but are common in the Samburu site, sometimes limiting the patrol path for the field officers. Jackal are also commonly recorded in both areas. Leopard are not as common, but their tracks are seen regularly. In 2017, lion were seen in both areas for the first time in several years. Field officers work with conservancy rangers to monitor the rare species and assure their safety as well as to alert the public of their presence. Recently the biggest challenge has been to keep the crowds from trying to get a glimpse (or a selfie) of the rare animals! This is a great conservation success when the community takes pride in the presence of rare species presence and assists the field officers to protect them.


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