Climbing for Cheetahs

feb 16, 2018

On March 16 our Canine Programme Coordinator, Evans Odundo, will ascend Mt Kenya with Brian Johnson. The climb is a crowdrise campaign to raise awareness for elephants and funds for one of our colleague programs, Save The Elephants. They will descend on the 19th of March.

Evans states "I would like to raise awareness about dogs and cheetahs along additional funds for the canine project with Action for Cheetahs in Kenya (ACK). I met Brian through his work as a canine handler when he volunteered with ACK. It was then that Brian assisted in making one of my dreams come true - to hike the beautiful mountain that I have watched looming over me since I was a child.

My dogs and I will be travelling in all corners of Kenya for the next two years in search of cheetah scat ( yup...poop). I have trained the dogs for the last 18 months. As soon as I come back down from the Mountain the real work will begin. The scat we find across the country will be taken to the forensic lab at the Kenya Wildlife Service for analysis. We will learn about the cheetahs diet through microscopic hairs washed from the scat. We will learn about cheetah health through hormones and parasites. And most importantly we will learn about the corridors of cheetahs through genetics by fragments of DNA isolated from the scat.

My dogs are vital for the National Cheetah Survey so our equipment, daily care and transport is critical for them to be effective. Alongside of the overarching elephant fundraiser, I would like to take this opportunity to raise funds for and awareness about the cheetahs.

There are less than 7000 cheetahs remaining in Africa and only about 1200 in Kenya. My dogs & I are doing our best to aid in the knowledge that will help cheetahs to survive."

You can help make our project a success by lending your support. Donate here via our Project Survival partner or if in Kenya you can use Mpesa buy goods/services #846408

Support our work

ACK needs your help to support our scouts and the community so we can accomplish our goal of conservation of the cheetahs in Kenya. With your help we can continue our research and conversation activities.

  • Student/Teacher Activity Book - $10 each
  • Plant 10 Trees - $20 
  • Support a School Visit - $30 
  • Field gear for Scouts - $50 
  • Sponsor Detection Dog - $100/month 
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