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Education and Awareness
mei 20, 2018. Categories: Community

Students from Ngaamba and Tangu Primary Schools had a thrilling experience with wildlife and nature during an ecology trip in Nairobi’s Giraffe Center, Mamba Village and the KWS Animal Orphanage and Safari Walk, thanks to AFEW, who supported ACK with...

A Twist of Fate
mei 2, 2018. Categories: Staff

Our field officers record any animal mortality while they are on patrol. In some cases animals are killed by people in retaliation or misunderstanding of the threat that species poses to human life or livelihood. In other cases they record road mortality be it domestic dogs, livestock or wild ...

Wildlife Patrols
apr 13, 2018. Categories: Community

Our field officers patrol independent zones with regularity. They record the distribution of predators, prey and significant species. In both the Salama and Samburu regions gazelle, zebra and antelope are regular occurrences with the most common being grants gazelle and dikdik in both areas. These gazelle are ...

Conflict Perceptions
mrt 12, 2018. Categories: Community

As human population increases and wildlife are confined to protected areas the issue of wildlife corridors is a tricky subject. The Ulu Conservancy is located on the northern edge of the Salama study area. It is home to several species that are perceived by people as a threat to their lives and livelihoods. Recently, six buffalo ...

Cheetah Sightings in Samburu
jan 15, 2018. Categories: Community

Three cheetah cubs taken by young herding boys were reunited with their mother. Field officer Moses Kinosi and the Meibae Conservancy Rangers were fast to find the tracks of the mother where thechildren had found the cubs. After replacing the cubs the area was monitored and the mother returnedto nurse the cubs even though ...

Student Education Campaign
feb 14, 2017.

ACK is seeking funds as a part of our eduation program through the Microsoft matching grant - Benivity

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ACK needs your help to support our scouts and the community so we can accomplish our goal of conservation of the cheetahs in Kenya. With your help we can continue our research and conversation activities.

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